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Puppy Play

There is nobody we appreciate more than our loving, dedicated fosters. Fosters are volunteers who offer their time and their home to dogs waiting to be adopted. There are countless dogs without homes, sitting with shelters on death row. We need fosters to save them. Please consider becoming a foster today! 

*SDRM provides the foster with everything the dog will need. Including: food, a collar and leash, a crate, any medications, and anything else the dog needs.


5 Why's of Fostering


Why do you need fosters?


Why should I foster?


Why do I need to buy my own supplies?


Why can't I foster if I have young children?


Why can't I choose which dog I foster?

Please remember that the dogs happiness and safety is our #1 priority. As a foster, you must:

  • keep the dog until they get adopted 

  • Follow feeding regimen 

  • Be comfortable giving dog prescribed medications 

  • Always supervise foster dogs around family pets

  • Always supervise children and visitors around foster dog

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