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There is nobody we appreciate more than our loving, dedicated fosters. Fosters are volunteers who offer their time and their home to dogs waiting to be adopted. There are countless dogs without homes, sitting with shelters on death row. We need fosters to save them. Please consider becoming a foster today! 

*SDRM provides the foster with everything the dog will need. Including: food, a collar and leash, a crate, any medications, and anything else the dog needs.


5 Why's of Fostering

Why do you need fosters?

As a home-based rescue, fosters make it possible to say 'yes' to a dog in need. Fosters help in rehabilitating and rehoming dogs that need a place to stay before they are adopted. 

Why should I foster?

There are many reasons you should become a foster. You should foster not only to make it possible for us to continue taking in dogs, but to also save a life and experience that bitter-sweet feeling of your foster baby finding their furever home. 

Why do I need to buy my own supplies?

You don't! We supply our fosters with all the necessities while our dog(s) are in your care. We supply food, collar, leash, crate, and any required medical treatments*

Why can't I foster if I have young children?

You can! The dog's age and temperament determine which foster home will suit them best. The rescue will make the decision on where to place the dog to keep them happy and safe

Why can't I choose which dog I foster?

We do our best to assess the dog and place them in an environment that we know they will thrive in. You may request a certain dog, but ultimately it is up to the rescue. Remember, the dogs safety and well being is our top priority. 

Fostering Policy

Fostering not only increases the chance of a dog getting adopted, it also keeps them out of shelters and improves their overall health and wellness.

To ensure our dog is going to a safe and loving home, all fosters must:

  • be 21 years of age or older

  • live in the northern NJ area (local to Wayne, NJ)

  • Pass a background check as well as provide references 

  • Keep the dog until it is adopted

  • Follow feeding regime provided by rescue

  • Give prescribed medicine as directed by rescue

  • Supervise foster dog and other pets at all times

*We will discuss our policy in more detail once your application has been approved

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