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Join us on our mission by starting your own fundraiser! You can start a fundraiser for a specific dog or just for general needs of our rescue. 

 Every amount you raise makes a difference and we greatly appreciate your help! Get started on Facebook today!

Furry Friends in Need

Raise money for Benny!

A man walked up to a perfect stranger, and said “Here, I don’t want him anymore.” Thankfully the woman was a rescuer. Through friends we learned about Benny and did not hesitate to take him in. We immediately took him to the vet only to find out that he had decaying teeth in his mouth and will lose a majority of them with surgery. He also was not neutered, which is now causing a herniated rectum that also needs to be repaired. We could have him neutered a less expensive way, but we didn't want to put him under anesthesia too many times, as he is our senior boy at eight years old. We wish for Benny a quality life without pain. With your help, this can happen.


Raise money for Willow!

Willow, 6 month old puppy, was surrendered to us 8 weeks ago with a broken leg. We did not take a surrender fee when she came in. We have accumulated medical bills of about $950. We have asked for help but only a few jumped in. NOW, WE ARE ASKING not because we need you but because WILLOW NEEDS YOU. Willow needs extensive physical therapy due to having a cast on for 8 weeks. She has little to no muscle in her left leg and it just flaps back and forth as she walks. She does put it to the ground but it bows backwards and we are nervous the bone will snap. She is a spunky lil girl with a heart of gold. She would love nothing more than to do laps around the yard, but we just cannot let her do this. Each therapy session will run between $135 plus the hydrotherapy at $50 per 1/2 hour. The therapist is recommending two times per week but once a week will work it will just take longer. Please help Willow get stronger so she can be the energetic pup she wants to be.


Raise money for Pucci!

Terrified and tormented, poor senior Pucci didn’t stand a chance against unimaginable agony she experiences that resulted in her heartbreaking cries. This beautiful senior was surrendered to us. Her skin was in horrendous condition, she was matted, and her eyes were completely dry. On top of the physical trauma, she was just terrified and whimpered on her bed throughout the day. We believe this dog was sent to us for a reason, and we will do anything and everything we can to heal her from the inside out. Once we got her into our care, we gave her a medicated bath and trimmed up her face a little bit until we could get her to the groomer. We also started her on gentle teardrops and will continue to do this three times a day until the dryness goes away. We also knew she needed a rabies vaccine and a full senior blood panel. Please consider donating to her ongoing care and medical treatments. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.

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