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How Would You Like to Donate?

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Your Generosity at Work

Meet Fuzzy-Wuzzy.  Fuzzy was one of the most severe cases of abuse SDRM had seen. His tail, hips, and knees were broken in several spots. Legs bound with wire and in need of amputation. 

As he laid there on the operating table, his eyes spoke a thousand words; he did not want to lose his leg. We took him off the table and walked out. We immediately started PT with Petra's Dog Resource Center. 

Petra and her amazing staff took Fuzzy in right away. He needed weekly sessions for 2 months to recover from the abuse he had been through. This cost SDRM nearly $1,300. We could not afford that on our own.

We started fundraisers online and the donations started pouring in. Our generous donors made it possible for Fuzzy-Wuzzy to get the help he so desperately needed and to live the amazing life he lives today.

fuzzy wuzzy.jpg

This is Fuzzy-Wuzzy today. He was adopted by one of his therapist who just absolutely fell in love with him. He now goes by Leo the Lion and is living his very best life. He goes to work with his mommy everyday and has even learned how to play the piano! 

We are so happy to see Leo happy. SDRM couldn't have done this without our generous donors. 

No Excuse for Animal Abuse

Although Fuzzy is all better and enjoying life with his new family, our mission isn't complete. There are countless dogs being abused, neglected, without a bed or a safe place to call home. We must be their voice. 

Scooby - Doo's Rescue Mission rely's on donations to help dogs like Fuzzy-Wuzzy. Please donate so we can continue to be a voice for the voiceless.  Every cent makes a difference.

Become a Monthly Donor!

Dogs aren't cheap. They deserve human grade products that will help them stay strong and healthy. We do all we can to provide our dogs with all needed medical procedures, as well as feed them high-quality food and treats. 

Please consider becoming a monthly donor to help dogs all year long. They greatly appreciate it.

Donations go towards things such as:

  • Heartworm treatment

  • Basic preventatives/check-ups

  • Food/treats

  • Beds, blankets, and other accessories

  • Transportation

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