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Looking for the perfect birthday gift for your dog? K9 Granola Factory’s Birthday Box is a ready to give, party in a box we guarantee your dog will love!


This handcrafted dog birthday box contains some of our best-selling treats and snacks from our Originals and Basics lines:

  • 1 12 oz. Soft Bakes Birthday Cake
  • 1 12 oz. Soft Bakes Bites Cookies and Crème
  • 1 5 oz.Simply Biscuits Peanut Butter

Nutritional information for each of these products can be found on individual product pages. All of our dog treats are made with quality ingredients, so you can give your pup a birthday gift that you can feel good about. 


Our Birthday Munch Box comes with festive crinkle paper…the perfect gift for a busy pet parent! What better way to celebrate your dog’s birthday than with delicious treats?


The Birthday Box is part of our Munch Box series, which includes handcrafted boxes of treats for holidays and occasions.

Birthday Munch box

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