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Green Lipped Muscle is a huge source of healthy vitamins  and minerals in your dog or cats diet, Adding this to your pets meals will not only boost the taste of the meal and entice picky eaters to eat. 


You are also adding countless healthy benefits to your dogs daily routine when you add K9 Spices to the bowl. Below we listed a few benefits but there are many more reason Green Lipped Muscle should be used to SPICE up your dogs bowl. 


Heath Benefits:

  • Protect and support the dog's digestion & immune system
  • Reproductive organs - Many dogs are fixed to early and this will cause health issues. Adding such ingredients will help mitigate these health issues. 
  • Green Lipped Muscle is also good for bone, joint, nerve and mental health 


Order Today and and see the difference in your dog!

K9 Seasoning - Green Lipped Muscle

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